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What Is an Equity Transfer Agreement

10.3 Except as otherwise provided in the terms of this Agreement, if the other party fails to comply with its obligations under this Agreement or the representations and warranties made in this Agreement, the other party shall have the right to request the other party to perform the relevant obligations and/or to take the necessary steps to ensure that it complies with the representations or warranties made herein. In the event of damages suffered by the Assignor as a result of Party A`s breach of its obligations under this Agreement or its representations and warranties, Party A shall indemnify the Assignor for all losses (including reasonable costs incurred by the Assignor to avoid losses). In the event of a loss to Party A as a result of a breach of obligations under this Agreement or any representation or warranty made by either party, the infringing party shall indemnify the other party for all losses suffered by Party A (including reasonable costs incurred by Party A to avoid losses). 2.5.2 All parties have confirmed that the 90% valuation of the Target Company`s capital transfer is as follows: 3.3 In order to ensure the continuous and stable operation of Target Company and its subsidiaries, members of the management team of Target Company and its subsidiaries enter into employment contracts in accordance with the requirements of Part A. The duration of the employment contract covers the remainder of the current financial year after the closure and three consecutive financial years. Non-compete agreements must be signed with members of the management team prior to their conclusion. the target company has been associated with Party B or its control The party signs a written transfer agreement to transfer the above intellectual property rights on behalf of the target company; and Party B guarantees to complete the above registration procedures for the transfer of intellectual property within 180 days of the completion of the transfer of capital. 6.11 Party B promises that Party B and other companies under its control will not engage in transactions that compete with the Target Company. .