Our Services

Quality service delivery is the tool we employ to ensure that our clients realize goals.


We serve a variety of industries from financial institutions, retail stores, hospitality and more.

Premier Loss Prevention and Risk Management Company in
East Africa.

OMEGA RISK MANAGEMENT (ORM) Ltd is a local enterprise that specializes in offering risk management and loss prevention solutions to institutions and businesses.

Our focus is to provide targeted shrink, loss prevention, asset protection, risk management, security services, disaster management and detailed background checks on employees, vendors as well as potential partners.

We also offer anti-counterfeit, investigation/prosecution and organizational structure services to our clients.

Our vast local and regional industry experience coupled with skilled and dedicated experts makes us the destination of choice for those seeking the services we offer.

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  • Customer focus: We invest in ensuring that all the client business objectives are achieved in exact precision.
  • Integrity: All our systems and staff are such that we ensure optimal results, without any compromise.
  • Commitment: We understand that the business management process is complex, and so is growth. That’s why all our efforts are committed to help you alienate objects on the way for seamless growth.
  • Professionalism: We have great team with years of experience in all the diverse areas of our services. Quality and timely delivery is our key policy.